Automotive Consumer Protection Program (AUTOCAP)
The New Mexico Automotive Dealers Association's AUTOCAP covers disputes the New Mexico franchised dealers only. 

What is AUTOCAP? The Automotive Consumer Action Program (AUTOCAP) is a free public service program that helps to resolve new and used vehicle sales and service disputes between consumers and new vehicle dealerships in New Mexico.  AUTOCAP will informally mediate your dispute through a consumer representative who will review the facts of the case and attempt to reach a fair solution.

How does AUTOCAP work? Simply place a phone call to AUTOCAP with the following information:     
     1. Your name and contact information.     
     2. Vehicle information (year, make, model, mileage).     
     3. Brief description of the problem with supporting documentation.     
     4. Names and titles of dealership personnel you have spoken with.     
     5. A solution you think is fair.

When AUTOCAP CANNOT help you. If you have retained an attorney, initiated your complaint with the New Mexico Attorney General or another mediation agency, your complaint has been referred by the dealership to the manufacturer, or the dealership is not a member of NMADA, then AUTOCAP cannot assist you.

David Hubbard: (505) 250-7975